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Welcome to Vermont Tire and Service! We have proudly been servicing Central and Northern Vermont for over 30 years. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to giving our customers the best experience possible; delivering service and value that have been hallmarks of our retail stores.

Montpelier 1(800)639-1900 South Burlington 1(800)639-1901

We pride ourselves on the quality of tires we Sell. Weather it’s a premium tire that offers unmatched performance, or our entry point offerings with unmatched value, you can be confident that the tire has been well vetted by us and that we stand behind its quality. Please call us or use our free online quote service to find the right tire and price for you.

We love Performance too!

At Vermont Tire We love cars and we love making them better! We were frustrated that most places that offered these services were fly by night or kept irregular hours. Because of this in 2016 Vermont Tire became An APR Tuning dealer to improve your Volkswagens and Audis. In 2017 we became Northern New England’s only AWE Tuning dealer. Like with our tires. We or only interested in the best offering because we stand behind performance products just as we do our tires. We feel Vermont Tire is providing a valuable service and expect big things from us because its our goal to become the largest performance dealer in Northern New England.

Looking for Service?


Vermont Tire & Service has always been known for tires, but few know that we are also a full service shop. We have ASE Certified techs at both our location. We work on all domestic and import cars an have techs that were Subaru and Volkswagen Dealer techs. We also have experience with rare vehicles in Vermont like Land Rover. The next time you need work done on your car or even need the suggested manufacturer maintenance done, give us a try. We know you will be happy with our work.



Read Mark’s blog to get candid information about tires you can’t get anywhere else!


I grew up in the tire business. My parents built our company over the last 30 years. I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about tires and more importantly, what tires are best for certain applications. Too much time is spent focusing on price, mileage, fuel economy or other stats that don’t necessarily give the full impression of what is right for you.