When it comes to tires Vermont Tire & Service is the best! We are an independent tire store which means we sell you the tire that best suits your needs, not just what we carry. Being independent means out sales staff needs much more knowledge then your average tire shop.







Vermont Tire & Service is one of the top 5 Cooper winter tire dealers in the US. Cooper Tire is a great tire at a good price which is a perfect combination for the north east! Cooper Tires have proven to be some of the most reliable around and all recent releases have been top of class.






Vermont Tire & Service is the primary source for Toyo Tires in Northern New England. We are committed to this brand and stock the full line.


Brake repairs, suspension repairs, exhaust, wheel bearings, Diagnostics.  Cars are lasting longer, and because of this, basic repair have come a routine part of being a car owner. When your car needs repairs, with over 30 years in the business,Vermont Tire has you covered.








Brakes Suspension Exhaust


Alignments, Inspections, Oil Changes, Brakes, Transmission Flushes are all part of maintaining you car. Vermont Tire provides all these services to you and more. We are truly your one stop shop for all your cars needs.







Alighments Inspections Heatingtransmission



Vermont Tire & Service is the best around when it comes to alignments. We have the latest top of the line equipment from Hunter, the industry leader in alignment technology and both of our technicians have been specialized in alignments for over a decade!

Vermont Tire & Service has been a cerified state inspector for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and honesty. Since we are first come first serve, you can get your inspection done anytime and if there are any issues they can usually get fixed same day!




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Welcome to Vermont Tire and Service!    We have proudly been servicing Central and Northern Vermont for 30 years.  We have Customers from as far a Montreal, Concord, Boston, and New York. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to giving our customers the best experience possible; delivering service and value that have been hallmarks of our retail stores.