getaquoteWe carry the largest variety of winter tires in Vermont.

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For a basic idea of an installed price (without tax), add $46.00 to the price of 4 tires.

Cooper tires

Cooper Tires have been one of our bread and butter brands for over 25 years. Vermont Tire is a Medallion Distributor which means we are one of the largest Cooper Tire dealers in the country. We have the privilege of giving input into new designs and testing Cooper product before launch.

They hit the price for performance sweet spot that is perfect for our region. Maker of the best selling winter tire in Vermont, Cooper Tire designs tires for Vermont road conditions any time of year.

Toyo Tires

Vermont Tire Brought Toyo Tires to Vermont over a decade about because we were amazed at there quality regardless of price. Add the fact that they are a very small step up price wise makes these our personal favorites. If you ask Vermont Tire staff what they choose to run on their own vehicles, chances are that Toyo is top of their list.

Vermont Tire has the privilege of being a a Toyo Driven Distributor which means we are one of the top direct dealers in the region. Vermont tire is privileged to be a source of guidance for Toyo product development and we are attributed as being the direct reason for the Toyo Celsius. We love these tires and if you try them, you will love them too. laborum.

Nokian Tires

Nokian Tires have been a part of Vermont Tire for as long as we have existed as a company. In the mid 70s
our founder Bob Rochefort was one of the first to bring this winter focused tire into the US. These days in the northeast Nokian tires have become a religion for those needing the absolute most traction in the winter. Nokian tires are so far ahead of every other brand in winter tire development that they have to piers.

If you need the absolute best traction in winter, look no further.