Great Value, Excellent Quality

Toyo Observe G3-Ice

The Toyo G3-Ice has quickly become one of out favorite winter tires. With the combination of an exceptional price, excellent winter performance, and class leading longevity the G3-Ice is hard to beat. If there was a down side it is that they are hard to keep in stock and when they are gone they are gone for the season, so buy early!

Price for Performance

Cooper Evolution Winter

The Cooper Evolution Winter is a bread and butter tire for Vermont Tire. Price for performance is the name of the game with the Evolution Winter. This Stud able deep snow winter tire is the spiritual successor to the legendary Weather-Master St/2. The directional design adds better lateral grip. Vermont Tire was part of the development and testing of the Evolution Winter and we are proud of the result.

LT SUV Winter Traction

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw

The Discoverer Snow Claw replaces the long living ang much loved Discoverer M+S. This light truck and SUV tire was designed from the ground up to move forward with current technology. Vermont Tire has thoroughly tested this tire and it proved be even to surpassing its non-Scandinavian competition without studs and studs can be added to take it to the next level.

Factory Stud for extra grip

Nokian Nordman

If you want next level traction that comes from a factory installed shaped stud without breaking the bank, look no further than the Nordman 7. Available with or without studs, the Nordman 7 brings many of the refinements of its bigger brother without the price tag. Expect exceptional snow and ice performance and a quieter ride.

Best of the Best

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9

If you need the absolute best in winter traction look no further than the Hakkapeliitta 9. With two functional shaped stud designs in the same tire and full tread coverage, the Hakkapeliitta 9 is the pinnacle of snow and ice traction. Because of the special stud designs and tread features the Hakkapeliitta 9 remains more quiet and kinder to the road that a traditional studded tire. Nokian holds more Winter tire patents than all tire manufactures combined and this tire is the culmination of all of them. This is the only winter tire I put on my daughter and wife’s cars.